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Hello, I am Werner Schmidt

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Dream with precision

as you live your calling. Try something new! Smile, laugh more, while improving your posture. Say YES to your personal brand of creativity to make your life work beautifully. Develop your hidden potential. Eat something delicious and good for your body. Get into the habit of activating your BEST SELF, before breakfast, every day of your life.

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Personal Coaching Conversations

Transcend regret & MAKE TIME by taking action, inspired by a kind curiosity.

I write & perform

original modern folk music, tinted with a touch of rock, reggae & world music. Live performance of my songs in conversation with well-known cover versions, brings joy to my world. From festival and gala performer to meandering minstrel at arts & crafts markets and intimate celebrations, audiences of all ages have expressed appreciation for the sounds of Werner FM. Lyrics are as important as melody, to me, to convey a message which is clear, interesting, heart and thought-provoking. Click to learn more.

Also, I write Adult Fiction,

We love stories because we are stories. Enjoy my works of adult fiction and book me for a story-telling performance, with my Grand Daddy djembe drum leading the way. Click to learn more …

and Plain-speech Poetry

I try to paint poems that evoke all seven senses, while using everyday language. Poetry doesn’t have to be obscure, the origin of the word points to the verb create, which provides lovely opportunities to us. Click to eat from my Poe Tree …

About Schmidt

Werner Schmidt (live since ’75) grew up in Pretoria, and moved to Bloemfontein during 2002. He creates financial plans, coaches and writes in English and Afrikaans, and performs his songs & stories in these languages.

Werner Creates

He has worked as street-side fruit vendor, accountant, lecturer, bicycle repair guy, auditor, radio DJ (fired after three weeks), waiter, welfare volunteer, primary school story-teller, consultant, general manager, financial manager , miniature golf attendant, corporate communicator, cashier, internal auditor and live performer.

His first novella, Confessions of an alcoholic’s son, was featured in the Vrouekeur magazine, and read by 7 500+ readers. Published as autobiography, at first, he republished the book as adult fiction, during 2014 and 2017, in English and Afrikaans, as 75 Bucks and 75 Rand (Afrikaans). Author of corporate brands and brand stories.

Schmidt wrote an interactive children’s play, Flat Anna, the froggie that stood up, in 2012, which he included in a children’s activity book (ages 4 to 10 years) and DVD. He published the book in English, Afrikaans (Plat Anna) and Sesotho (Anna Sepatlapatla). The play was accepted for the Free State Arts Festival in 2014, as one of its first tri-lingual productions. Flat Anna’s metamorphosis to a children’s book may still happen …

He published death by design, first volume of plain speech poetry in the cage | stage trilogy, in 2016, with volume two, 29 chinchillas, published during March, 2017. Volume three, the last garden bird, is waiting for the right moment …

His debut music album was released online in June 2018, and June/July 2018 at the National Arts Festival Fringe and Free State Arts Festival Vrynge under his stage name Werner FM. Expect good coffee with a distinct Werner FM flavour when you experience his music

The Story of Adam & If by Werner FM Album Cover

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