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As a personal coach, I inspire my clients to take action by MAKING TIME through important life changes.

Life leadership | Improved relationships | Sustainable money management | Mid-life crises | Personal creative expression | Enjoy your body

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Personal Coaching Conversations

Create your personal habit of life-affirmation. Repeat. Embrace and use your mistakes – celebrate every learning milestone. Paint your future with precision, today. Enjoy a few cheers en route to your future.

Transcend regret & MAKE TIME by taking action, inspired by a kind curiosity.

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Dream with precision

as you live your calling. Try something new! Smile, laugh more, while improving your posture. Say YES to your personal brand of creativity to make your life work beautifully. Develop your hidden potential. Eat something delicious and good for your body. Get into the habit of activating your BEST SELF, before breakfast, every day of your life.

Enjoy Your Body

<<Are you what you eat?>>

Grow your own habit of eating and moving sustainably, coupled with a constructive mindset. Beyond quick fixes lies a vast array of real, sustainable possibilities. MAKE TIME by TAKING ACTION.

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Individuals & Groups

Dance through your days

by embracing what life offers you, and making the most of it. Free yourself from life block, negative thoughts and feelings. Great + Attitude = Gratitude.

Grow from fooling yourself to becoming fully you!

Keep growing, moving and making your personal brand of noise where you are. Life is a journey and so much more – add dancing, music, conversation and gratitude. Appreciation for nature and culture, in concert.

We all enter stage from the left and exit stage right, that’s a given – our individual and collective fate. Our experience in-between, through the roles we play, is up to us. Enjoy creating a meaningful destiny for your life. Make time daily, by TAKING ACTION.

If you are what you repeatedly do, make every moment memorable and meaningful!

I, Werner Schmidt, am registered as Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Action Factory Body Coach with the
International Coaches Register (ICR).

Feel free to click on the ICR logo to verify my certification status.