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A Pre-Valentine’s Adventure

A Pre-Valentine’s Adventure

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“Thank you to Werner and Seleke

for their absolute professionalism at the Urth Market. When the power went off (lightning strike on the power tower 🙂 they kept the show going !!” – Risna Opperman, Owner of Urth.

February’s Bloemfontein rainfall was something to behold. I considered a new venture – growing rice – for a few minutes, and then decided against it after strong, black coffee.
Urth’s Pre-Valentine’s Friday Evening Market attracted rain clouds, as did almost every day of 2017’s month of love (why don’t we love in other months as well?) We set up under a low, louvered roof as the clouds kept building. The diverse array of stalls stood scattered throughout the Urth grounds under a

rainbow assortment of gazebos.

The market got underway with Werner FM, followed by SelekeSongs and a collaborative ZeBroz75 set. A 7-year-old boy, Werno, sat down on a chair right in front of us, started tapping his feet, shaking his shoulders and clapping his hands on his needs. Lovely percussion. I gave him a shaker, turning him into a band member! The young man jammed with us until he left with his parents.

After the 3 opening sets, improv happened to make music for the Miss Valentine Rose 2017 pageant, and then …

… the rain came down, lighting struck the power tower,

wrapping the entire premises in darkness. We rushed the sound equipment inside. Had a beer, as a farewell drink … but then it became clear that the people didn’t want to leave, and more people were joining the party!

I strapped on my djembe and guitar, Seleke donned his instrument and we started meandering – minstrels – from table to candle-lit table.

“Hi, may we be your minstrels …?”

“You are welcome.”
“Okay, and what would you like to hear …?”

An unforgettable, romantic evening at Urth Café.
Would you like to include meandering minstrels in your event lineup?

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