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Flat Anna @ Eunice Primary Read-a-thon 2016!

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What a blessing

for Flat Anna to be invited to the 2016 Eunice Primary School Read-a-thon, by Mrs. Dale, the principal. Arriving at the school on Friday afternoon, 26 February, at 1.30, I walked into the Eunice Primary School Hall. Eunice ladies, from Grade 1 to Grade 7, were having a reading picnic, occupying the entire floor.

We quickly emptied the centre of the hall, the girls forming a wheel around the ‘stage’.

2pm, aaand ACTION!

My story shoebox was bursting, as always, with the story of Flat Anna, the froggie that stood up. One by one the characters for this play climbed out of the box, and became Eunice ladies. 3 Grade 7’s were recruited to be my story facilitators, and the distant djembe on my hip faithfully started our story:

Once upon a time, in a green green wetland, in 7 Dams, yes, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Dams, in Bloemfontein … in Africa, Africa, Africa … hey-yah-hey! hey-yah-hey! and so on, you know?

Tyron O’ Saurus and Flat Anna

experienced an epic battle between bully and victim, Flat Anna standing up at exactly the right time, saving the day with her creativity and pizza-baking skills! Only possible, of course, with the help of many of the inhabitants of the wetland, including farmer Bertha and her husband, Faniso.

The spontaneity, natural acting skills

and creativity of the Eunice ladies were wonderful to behold. Having never heard the story before, they stepped into it like pro actors! The audience helped at various moments with some wetland soundtrack elements and harmonised well with the Lonely Blue Dove song …

More thanks, and info on Flat Anna

Thanks to Frikkie Kapp for the cool pics, under challenging conditions!

Contact me on 084 583 3889 or by clicking here, for more on Flat Anna. She continues to hop from school to school, both primary and pre-primary, to bring hope and tell her interactive story of creative management of bullies, and wetland conservation.

Flat Anna’s Afrikaans and Sesotho alter-ego’s, Plat Anna and Anna Sepatlapatla, are also available to tell this story in the 3 main languages of the Free State province. Feel free to visit the Publishing section on this website to learn more about the action book and schools programme, also available in the above three languages.

What did the frog say after entering the library, looking for a book to read? Read it, read it, read it …