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Mad Hatting for CANSA @ 59Plenty

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Kate Marais, CANSA Bloemfontein Fundraiser,

asked me to be The Mad Hatter for their Free State Cuppa for CANSA launch, Wednesday, June 8, at 59Plenty & Gallery on Leviseur.A meeting was held at CANSA’s offices in Melville drive, and some ideas were born … I met Alecia Heymans, a cancer survivor, who was to talk about her journey with cancer. We decided that I would do a live interview with her as part of the Cuppa launch.

On the morning of 8 June, the formalities got underway with a full-house of guests at 59 Plenty.

Thandi Xaba, soon to join Forbes Africa,

fulfilled the MC role with distinction.

My turn came, I had been wearing a grey beanie up until then. Not a very Mad Hat, one might say.

What can you do in 5 minutes, the time it takes for a Cuppa? I asked. Well, you can start by closing your eyes …

Everyone obliged, giving me a moment to don my Mad Hat, a blood-red fleece ladybird strap my rainbow over my shoulders, the one which holds my djembe. The djembe started rapping: Once upon a time, there was a king and a queen, living in a castle. Next to the castle, was a forest. You know, there is always a forest next to the castle. But this king was no ordinary king, he was an erratic king … and the rest of the story followed, the wise beggar, the bare feet & plain clothes, the exchange of gold for wisdom, and so on …

Alecia and I sat down for our interview, removing our hats to show how open-minded we were. A gooseflesh 5 minutes followed, with Alecia’s inspirational story of her journey with cancer. How her family rallied around her, creating a wall of inspiration in her hospital room.

Don’t ask a cancer patient whether you can do this or that for them. Just do it!

Wise words, and dare I say, applicable to all people. Let us just do love, okay? After our interview, I formed a 4-voice choir, and we sang a new song together, all in the space of 5 minutes.

Breakfast and Patso and his team’s delectable cupcakes awaited us, together with Glen Rooibos tea.

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