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Mad Hatting For Sunflower House

Mad Hatting Sunflowers, with Werner FM and the J-Man

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Live entertainment for Sunflower House
Live entertainment for Sunflower House Children's Hospice
Mad Hatting for Sunflower House

Mad Hatting for Sunflower House Children’s Hospice

A warm, autumn Saturday afternoon in Mangaung was the backdrop for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to remember! Volunteers and personnel of Sunflower House decorated Donovan Hall at the Sacred Hearts Cathedral – an explosion of colour as the guests started arriving!

Werner FM greeted the guests in the parking lot with guitar and improv lyrics – “Follow the sounds of the saxophone and the sight of sunflowers, and you’ll be okay …” Once guests were seated, he moved from table to table, with more improvised musical welcoming.

The legendary Vincent Saffy’s saxophone greeted guests upon arrival inside the hall. After an opening prayer and words by Joan and Richard Marston, Brenda Myburgh inspired the packed Donovan Hall with a motivational talk.

Werner Fm & The J-Man (Jaco de Wet aka Djembe James) entertained guests with music and the announcement of lucky draws, until closing time. A cover version of Sting’s ‘Fragile’ was dedicated to the beautiful children in Sunflower House’s care.

Do hop on over to Sunflower’s House’s Facebook page, like it, become part of their volunteers, donate or do whatever you can and want.


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