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Did you say ‘plain speech poetry’?

Indeed. I try to paint poems that evoke all seven senses, while using everyday language. Poetry doesn’t have to be obscure, the origin of the word points to the verb create, which provides lovely opportunities to us. To me, poetry is espresso, vodka neat, and so on, whereas the longer forms of writing are coffee, tea, cool drink, Bloody Mary, etcetera. Quoting from 29 chinchillas, my second volume of poetry:


possibly a poet.
how all these stories start.
some turn into songs
and many bring joy to this heart.

aww, that’s so sweet
mister wanna b.

some plot their way to a novel
a children’s book with party trees
a play in three acts.
some become first draft
cinders in an artistic inferno.

artistic, you say?

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