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I am privileged to grow songs & books of poetry, fiction (for adults & children) towards publication and gigs. As a thoroughbred clown without a circus, I persistently pursue a variety of interests.

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About Schmidt

Werner Schmidt (live since '75) grew up in Pretoria, and moved to Bloemfontein during 2002. He writes his books & music in English and Afrikaans, and performs his songs & stories in these languages.

He has worked as an accountant, lecturer, bicycle repair guy, auditor, radio DJ (fired after three weeks), waiter, welfare volunteer, primary school story-teller, consultant, financial manager, general manager, miniature golf attendant, corporate communicator, street-side fruit vendor, cashier, internal auditor and live performer.

His first novella, Confessions of an alcoholic's son (2011), was featured in the Vrouekeur magazine, and read by 8 000+ readers. Published as autobiography, at first, he republished the book as adult fiction, during 2014, in English and Afrikaans. Publications due out during 2017 are a novella and novel about Nathan Brown, man under pressure ...

Schmidt wrote an interactive children's play, Flat Anna, the froggie that stood up, in 2012, which he included in a children's activity book (ages 4 to 10 years). He published the book in English, Afrikaans (Plat Anna) and Sesotho (Anna Sepatlapatla). The play was accepted for the Free State Arts Festival in 2014, as one of its first tri-lingual productions. Flat Anna's metamorphosis to a children's book will take place during 2017/18. New children's fiction planned for this period, include a story about a boy, waking up with something strange ...

He published death by design, first volume of plain speech poetry in the cage | stage trilogy, in 2016, with volume two, 29 chinchillas, scheduled for publication during March, 2017, and volume three, the last garden bird, due out by mid-year, 2017.
The rest of Schmidt's 2017/18 publication program comprises

  • a novella, introducing Nathan Brown to readers, followed by two novels, in a series about this man under pressure,
  • a music album, in three bursts (he seems to love the number 3), and
  • two, or probably three universal children's stories aka children's stories for everyone.

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To All The Girls

Poem #5: To All The Girls …

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he enters a dense forest.
perhaps because he tried to read Freud.
narrow path.
some sort of enchantment.

is he flying or falling?

a girl’s off-white spring dress
crosses the twilight path before him.
bounce as she bubbles.
she looks left, quick as a blink
smiles and then thin air
her sound lingers
like a merry brook
and then fades.

a bent, wild-haired woman’s
black frock
shuffles across the path.
her struggle moves him
as her face trembles.
she looks through him with

like silver marbles.

disappears in slow motion.
he drops his eyes.

he raises them

as a naked woman with

strawberry blonde hair
dropping down to the small of her back
waddles across the
dimly lit path.
belly bulging to bursting
and instantly
it is replaced
by a wriggling blonde baby
who chuckles
and then suckles while grabbing, grabbing.
a knowing smile forms
on the mother’s moon face.
she flicks her hair behind her ear
looks at him, and closes her eyes

to release a single tear.

one by one they parade across his path.
each engaging this flying, falling man
as he drifts forward
in a state, not unlike
REM paralysis.

the action
as the forest darkens.
he rises and walks
for some reason.

a clearing …

what looks like
from above
all the females he saw
and more.
dancing. laughing. easy-going.
shouting. struggling. singing.

two children grow as they dance

bubble and weave through
the gathering of
women and girls.

strikes from above.
envelops the group in blinding white
which rolls up into a
shiny ball.
it hovers at eye-level.
the forest and everything
drops away.

the glittering white ball
disappears into your left eye.
a momentary sparkle
as you stand behind the stove

stirring the oatmeal of our lives.

so, what’s your answer? you ask
your eyes look tired
as you turn a knob down to 1.

sorry, Love … w-what were you saying?

will you clear the table, please, Waldo
and call the kids?

From cage | stage Volume I: death by design. Download death by design for free by

clicking here.

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