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29 chinchillas, Volume 2 of the cage | stage trilogy

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cage | stage – Volume II, 29 chinchillas –

a title born from a trip to an exotic animal farm,

takes the reader in a second story-orbit around the author’s ‘little universe’, promising flowing, clear, plain speech poetry.

Schmidt expresses his sensibility through conversational, straight-talking free verse. He has been dubbed a ‘universal paterjester’, whatever that means.

His voice rings familiar, in whimsical, ironic tones, as he further explores his love of
the embrace of opposites
being in-between
humour in dark places
word play all day
and so on.

Dancing between his telescope and microscope, he embraces

the magnitude of his dreams and the realities of every day.

An observing, external voice regularly intervenes to help the poet achieve this feat.

When the author becomes trapped in a navel-gazing bubble, a trickster appears with stars in his teeth and a needle in his hand.

Mundane magic of kitchen lights. Fearful fun of daily creativity, with children. Morning walks and the neighbourhood’s bird man. Holiday photographs and data dilemmas. On living with wild energy. Blowing bubbles with a 3-year-old. Contemplating a creative behind the big story – facing limitations. Diversity within national identity. The fear of seekers finding masters.

Enjoy another lucky packet filled with poetic surprise.

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