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Werner FM And The J-Men With Momentum!

Werner FM & The J-Men performed with Momentum!

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Werner FM & The J-Men performed with Momentum!

My friend, the inspirational entrepreneur, business owner and ever-developing coach-in-practice, Hendrik Crafford, invited me to the launch of the very first Momentum Financial Wellness Practice. I initially thought that I would love to attend – the launch of an innovative service/product offering, meeting new people, followed by spit BBQ and craft beer – what’s not to like?

“The event will be from 12 noon to around 4pm,” read Hendrik’s invitation.

Oops. I knew I had to reply with robust honesty.

“Hendrik, thank you for the invitation, but I can’t sit still for 4 hours …”

This lead to Werner FM and the J-Men performing Werner FM’s original modern folk music, spiced with well-known cover versions, after the networking and pioneering launch presentation had been completed, to give momentum to the spit BBQ and craft beer feast. The Momentum Financial Wellness Practice model promises an innovative approach to financial services – it was wonderful to see how advisers are trained to engage with their clients as whole, multi-faceted human beings. This holds the potential of truly custom-designed financial wellness solutions, in stead of a cookie-cutter approach to financial services.

After our two hours+ set, with most of the guests gone, Werner FM, John The Bassist and Djembe James sat down for scrumptious boerekos and craft beer, with a lovely glass of red wine to end off a momentous Friday afternoon.

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