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Third single

My True Selfie

Debut single!

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Welcome to Fresh Music by Werner FM

Modern folk tunes, tinted with a touch of rock & world music, carry Werner FM’s crafty lyrics to delight and inspire diverse audiences. Look into your soul, find your personal gold, then look around and share with those who cross your path – this search-and-share cycle is perfectly captured by Werner FM.

Search-and-share cycles aren’t new to the singer, who inspires individuals and groups as coach at 123CoachYourself.com while they make major life changes and decisions at the right time.

When not coaching, Werner FM artistically expresses himself through creation, performance and recording of music. Lyrics are as important as melody, to him, to convey a message which is delightful, interesting, heart and thought-provoking …

His debut EP has started dropping, one single at a time.

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